About the Flight Series
The Flight series started back in 1995. After giving up painting small paper 
flags, which reminded of Volpi, I decided to search for inspiration in small 
paper toys. Three sketches were first drawn: a windmill, a paper boat and a 
paper aeroplane.

At first the three ideas pleased me. However it was the aeroplane, perhaps 
out of intuition, which was chosen to be developed with more dedication. 
Soon afterwards, I drew the initial sketches. As usual Paintbrush (a very 
simple software but extremely useful in the creative process) was the tool 
used to test colours and shapes. A few days later the first painting of the 
series came to being.

    Sketch                                     Flight 1 - 40 x 40 in  - acrilic on canvas

Not long after the first paintings I went to visit an Escher exhibition 
which was passing through Curitiba. All my ideas about the Arts started to 
make sense as I advanced through his work and his ideas influenced my work. 
Nowadays still, when I have crative ‘blanks' I look into Escher's work and other 
artists I admire, such as Liechtenstein, Regina Silveira, Jesus Soto and 
Andy Warhol.

   Flight  6 - 36 x 48 in - acrilic on canvas  

   Flight  7 - 40 x 40 in - Acrilic on canvas

The concept of the Flight Series
This series have always been linked to concepts of freedom, action and 
lightness. Its main visual characteristics are the straight lines and 
contrasting colours. There is a tendency to put primary colours side by side 
to its complementary one. This creates a 'vibrating energy line' which 
challenges the eye and gives the impression of movement.

Flight  5 - 40 x 40 in - acrilic on canvas

The aeroplane has always represented the series. During its course it has 
known several shapes. There are paintings in which it is seen from above, 
from the side, in full or, as the latest paintings show, it has been reduced 
to a simple triangle.

Flight 4  - 32 x 48 in - acrilic on canvas                                          Flight 8 - 40 x 40 in  - acrilic on canvas

Flight 23 - 40 x 52 in - acrilic on canvas

Flight 48 - 52 x 40 in - 
acrilic on canvas

The concept has also evolved. Flight has already been synonymous of 
geometric freedom, crashes and explosions, interactivity (independent 
pictures which can be turned around to form a new one), filling of spaces 
and, nowadays, detachment.

Flight 14 - acrilic on wood                                         Flight 17 - 40 x 60 in - acrilic on canvas

        Interaction 1                              Interaction 2                             Interaction 3
                                  Flight 20 - 40 x 40 in - acrilic on canvas

Flight 28 - 44 x 60 in - acrilic on canvas

Flight 46 - 44 x 40 in - 
acrilic on canvas

Aeroplane and Brazilian Flights

Aerial view of Brasilia, Brazil's capital designed by Niemeyer

Santos Dummont was the Brazilian pioneer who developed the first aircraft 
to fly on its own

Works made under request
Part of my creative process is to do the first sketches on the computer. No 
picture has yet been drawn without prior sketches being tested on 
Paintbrush. This is the way I have chosen to work with my clients, 
presenting several options, which would best suit the required spaces. The 
chosen option is developed thereafter. Some of these examples can be seen

Private collection                                                               Private collection

Private collection

Private collection

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